We are dedicated to breaking free of the norm and living life to the fullest. On your deathbed, you will either look back on past regrets, or on memories and experiences that you wouldn’t trade anything.

Everyone has a different idea of the dream life - the life full of everything you could possible ever want. Why don’t most people don’t ever acquire their dreams in life? The answer is simply because they don’t think it is possible and so they don’t take action.

Livin is dedicated to the people crazy and bold enough to go against what is expected. It is for anyone who decides they are going to get more out of life. It is for everyone who can’t stand to look back on a life they wasted.  Livin is for the action takers and the doers.

Ultimately, you are the only one capable of making your life worth livin.

If you hold the same beliefs we do, check out our shop. Each time you wear Livin gear, be reminded that you can change your life simply by taking action.